Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am out of class right now .I have ta pay for them so that is why so many post I don't have internet and I need to find a nice cheap place to live so I can do more art God I need to win the lottery.

vac head I I had a fun time working on him but I learned a little more about pen and ink.
so much to understand .

nother view.

what kida plane is it?
if you can guess than I came through.
if not than i must go and jump in to a lake.

old ships mixed.

now for something completly diffrent.

a larger pic.

an old concept it is called fermus but i might make it Golem4.0

a boot a low poly boot.

the last pic is a higher poly

I would go high poly with my models but I cant

my computer isn't the greatest but I love it.

man I am lucky to have it. takes an hour to render something but it's cool cause I can .

if you can see this I am trying to figure this out it is going to be modled and animated .
i just need to make it look right.I'll call it Golem 3.0

this is birdguys clothes.

this is the birdguy he is not done yet
I have to rip his uvs and the model his clothes
then rig and paint then animate . I'll the make the evil birdguy.

one color study for a project for class
I call it bird guy.

this was a class assignment

I didn't model the head it was a class mate named nick who is cool . I did however give him the orthos and i drew the helmet. wich i might post.

this is the lo poly bug thing youve seen befor
I am in the process of rigging it and painting it
It should be done by sunday.maybe
my higher poly model of an assignment I redid cause the first one sucked major booty.

an old modle really old I just like this cause it was my first semi cool model.but other wise the edge
flow is for shit.

remember that bird I modeled it and animated it

I learned alot through this one modle/project

so i am going to redo it . a lot better .

This is froma book i got a wwhile back I didn't get the face all that good but I am working on anotherone. I really need to pick out the shapes a lot better.

schools out

this is another attempt at pen brush
I love mark shultz stuff .I was trying to play with that kinda feel. I need a lot of work.


some fun i was having learning how to ink. these are old. i a trying new kids of lines.

a chick from a magizine.

i need to draw more from life.

Friday, May 18, 2007

the knida what they should look like.
lizard project

creature s

drawing is fun.
I call it glwaahhhhh

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Hi! I really like to draw and learn. Learning is my biggest draw to art. There is no end to learning new and old ways of making art.

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