Wednesday, June 13, 2007

birdguy mediumpoly

it is coming along I ripped the uvs i have to now paint rig skin him then try and animate.
hes about 150000 polys/quads my computer runs so slow so I'll put more deatail in specialy on the hands this will be for a bake to low poly test i am going to do later .wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

creature i didn't like.


a sketch night dragon head
i like


I am thrying to create

a goat God. i'll get one that i like.

rino sketches

these are some rino studies.
I try to do these qucik seeing as i only have a half hour lunch and people bug me as I draw.
but rinos look weird.

I am working at the zoo

and every lunch break i do studies of the animals.

the one on the bottom is an evil goat that trird to eat my drawings.

one charcole drawing of a face study

will do more.

face studies from pictures i took.

Hello My name Is Grabiel

Hi! I really like to draw and learn. Learning is my biggest draw to art. There is no end to learning new and old ways of making art.