Sunday, November 2, 2008

Swords Pt 2

Hey Cuz
I took a few of those thumb nails and turned them into a 3 quarter view it is more like just squeezing one end down and giving it a little volume. (Which means thickness/ depth.)
in the thumb nails we were just going for a design you know let are imaginations take the pencil
in this step you want to clean up the idea so when people look at it they can start to see what you are drawing . also the white and black are there to help with the depth and witch way the light is hitting it , the paper i am useing is just to help see the white better .

if you feel that it might be to hard to draw your sword this way try a box first

draw a flat rectangle the re draw it so on end is thinner than the other .

then put your sword shape inside of it and carve it out of the rectangle .

in the book i am sending you it will help you understand this better .
any way I'll post the tree i drew per our little challenge in a day or two .
any way message me if you have any questions .

peace out

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