Tuesday, September 9, 2008

don't look at the bug eye version i was kind of liking the way this type of work flow was going but my reference was only 1 pic and i know i need more than that . but i had edge flow problems with the mouth and middle of the forehead . i am going to fix those problems in a momento .

alos I had this weird dream of this little girl looked to be about 5or 6 any way she was holding a tea party with her stuffed animals in her room . then I see the floor start to i should say the rug start to move as if someting growing out of it then i start to see this row of kind sharp teeth start tearing through the floor/ rug and thi little girls is still playing tea as if nothing is wrong she even leans back on the chair when i finally realize it is a dragon about to swallow her he clamps down and eats her . I now see her and she is in the dragons stomach were she is talking to a teddy bear wich i relize is the dragons conscious and he tells her ( can't remember witch one ) they eaither need to find a crystal or keep it safe from a bad guy i kinda of remember the bad guy but not really.

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