Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hey cuz

so this is stage one. everybody calls it thumbnail stage .

So I labeled them A. b. and c.
In (A) I used a ruler to get straight lines at least trying to
in (b) I just tried to keep my lines straight with out a ruler .

in (C) i just let the pencil flow. Meaning I don't care about straight lines just messing with shapes .

Now one of the first rules you should always abide by is look at reference. just Google what ever you want to draw . study what it is what it is for how it works . now this is a prime rule that should be broken .what i mean is just let your self make shapes and see witch one you like then pick it and move on to stage two witch I'll post later . any way have fun with your drawings cause it is something you can be loose with or tight or a mix I'll send you a few links to some really talented guys know and one guy who i work with who is an amazing artist .


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