Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is a W.I.P I am trying a new way of sculpting well i should say the right way i am starting with a ripped base mesh head and importing it into Z brush where i do as much as I can with each subD level before i have to move on to the next (thanks AW) I am going to try and take my time with this sculpt unlike the other ones witch took only a couple of hours I think this will be a great way to improve my skill set.

oh yeah this really doesn't have anything to do with my model but This great artist said i should just write out my dreams here so i will ...

I dreamed
that I was at my sisters wedding with this thin mint girl who was in love with me and who i was in love with . While the priest was going through the ceromony the girl and I were saying our vows at the exact same time as the bride and groom only we were in the back row and when the ceremony was over we were secretly married .
i thought it was weird.........(I have this other dream about vampires but I'll write that one later since i need sleep. peace

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Hello My name Is Grabiel

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